God news! Masters Scholarships at University of Laval is current on. The University of Laval Canada is offering Scholarships for foreign scholars from African and European Nations to embark on studying for a Masters degree. The aim of this program is to uphold academic excellence by offering scholarships to foreign scholars who are citizens of an African or European nation (except for France and French speaking Belgian scholars) and are enrolled for a master’s program at University of Laval.

Innovative ideas and distinction are the essential values of University of Laval, which over the years has educated and graduated more than 319,000 scholars, each of whom in their own way has donated to the growth of their community and of civilization as a whole.

University of Laval was the very first French-language University in North America. In 1663 Monsignor François de Montmorency-Laval, the first bishop of New France, established the colony’s first educational institution: Séminaire de Québec. Closely 200 years later, in 1852, this institute became a university and the first building block for all French-language higher education in Québec, Canada, and North America. New created faculties – Music, Language and Literature, Philosophy, Science and Engineering, Social Sciences and Agriculture – joined the four existing ones (Medicine, Law, Theology, and Arts), along with a number of schools. By 1925 the institution of higher education had outgrown its increasingly cramped quarters in Old Québec and stretched further than the city walls.

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Application Deadline: 1st February, 2021

Offered annually? Yes

Countries that are Eligible: Scholars from African or European country (other than France)

Program Location: University of Laval, Canada

Field of Study that are Eligible: Scholarships are granted within the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Law, Geography and Geometrics, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies and others (check official website for more).

Masters Scholarships at University of LavalThe aim of this award is to uphold academic merit by offering scholarships to foreign scholars who are citizens of an African or European country (except France*) and are enrolles to a master’s program at University of Laval.

Masters Scholarships at University of Laval grants of $7,000 every year is renewable once, dependent on compliance with the faculty’s standards of excellence and upon the research director’s recommendation and faculty approval.

Type: Masters degree

Eligibility for Masters Scholarships at University of Laval

  • At the deadline specified above, candidates must have submitted a finalized application package at University of Laval in an eligible first master’s program and have been accepted in this program.
  • Applicants are to be foreign student who are citizend of an African or European nation other than France.
  • Applicants must not get a full scholarship (tuition and living expenses) from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).
  • Applicants should have graduated from a public university endorsed by the ministry of higher education in your country of origin.
  • Applicants are registered full time for the two first semesters in the program of study for which the scholarship was given.

NOTE: Participating faculties can determine a fixed number of scholarships to be awarded.

Benefits of Masters Scholarships at University of Laval

$7,000 per year

Duration of Masters Scholarships at University of Laval: Renewable once

How to Apply for Masters Scholarships at University of Laval

Beneficiaries are nominated making use of information from admission applications received by University of Laval. To be selected, applicants must submit a finalyzed application for admission to the University no later than the deadline of the target semester (see application deadline above).

How to apply for admission?

GOODLUCK as you apply for Masters Scholarships at University of Laval! Visit scholarship webpage for details to apply for Masters Scholarships at University of Laval.

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