SBW Berlin Scholarship is a completely financed and covered scholarship for foreign students. SBW Berlin Scholarship is available to students who want to embark on undergraduate and master’s studies. SBW Berlin Scholarship provides full (100%) tuition fees waiver, monthly allowance, housing and travel stipend and other benefits.

The program supports academic projects all over the globe. SBW Berlin Scholarship contributes to the international progress and dissemination of knowledge and education.

SBW Berlin Scholarship assists young scholars from overseas who come from family backgrounds with financial constraints, and utilize the expertise they procure in the course of their studies in Germany to increase long-term non-profit projects, preferably in their home countries.

The program awards scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Berlin and Potsdam on the grounds of the student’s academic qualifications, personal aptitudes and social wants. Generally, all scientific and artistic fields can be financed. In exceptional cases the program also assists vocational training in Berlin or Potsdam. Finance of studies in your home country or in other German federal states is no included.

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Scholarship Summary

  • Study Level: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution(s): SBW Berlin
  • Course: Germany
  • Fields of Study: All fields
  • Duration of Program: Depends on the chosen degree.
  • Deadline: June 30 / December 31 (Annually)

Benefits of SBW Berlin Scholarship

SBW Berlin Scholarship offers the beneficiaries the benefits below:

  • Accommodation (a room) in the institution’s shared student flats in Berlin
  • Cost-of-living stipend in the amount estimated in section IX.
  • Tuition fees
  • Likely also a travel stipend for applicant’s journey to Berlin prior to the beginning of their studies, and for the journey home after they have finished their studies

Eligibility for SBW Berlin Scholarship

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements below to qualify for SBW Berlin Scholarship:

  • Required Language: English. 
  • Eligible Countries: All countries in the world.
  • Age Range: 18-30 years old
  • Average grades correspond with a German grade point average of at least 2.0.
  • For applicants who are able to provide prove of relatively low net income, the whole household income of the candidates does not surpass the average income which has been officially specified for their country home. The income of all family members and all sources of earning of the family (e.g. from employment, business activities, property, child benefit or pensions) will be put into account.
  • Extra-curricular Activities Experience: Candidates that possess professional or volunteer experience in the non-profit sector.

How to Apply for SBW Berlin Scholarship

Follow the following application guidelines to apply for SBW Berlin Scholarship.

Note: Applicants should have admission, acceptance or evidence of eligibility to a university in Potsdam or Berlin.

(1) Fill in the application form.

(2) Fill in your personal and contact details and attach your photograph.

(3) Provide details about your present and prior education.

(4) Provide details about the following:

  • Your parents and family members.
  • Latest school or university certificate
  • Highest school leaving certificate
  • Highest acquired university degree
  • Present occupation and desired career
  • Training, in the event of applications for vocational training
  • Professional and experience Internships
  • Your hobbies, skills and interests
  • Travel overseas experience
  • Volunteering experience

(5) Add the documents below:

  • Motivation letter (1 or 2 pages long)
  • Copy of your latest school or university certificate that displays your grade point average
    and a grade overview
  • Copy of your highest academic degree (high school diploma or university certificate) with your grade point average and a grade overview

If accessible, copies of the following documents also:

  • University admission or proof of your qualification for university admittance
  • Copy of an internationally renowned language certificate for the language in which your
    studies will be taught
  • All prior work, apprenticeship, training, internship certificates, and references
  • If you have already began studying: all so far attained university certificates and records
    of accomplishments (graded and ungraded)

We recommend all candidates to submit the following added documents, which are not obligatory:

  • One or two recommendation letters from schoolteachers, employers, professors, etc.
  • Proof of the net household income

Note: Non-official copies and translations are adequate for the application. If the candidate fruitfully passes the selection procedure, certified copies of some of those documents will be mandatory during the verification procedure.

(6) The application and all enclosed certificates and supporting documents must be submitted in
German or English through email to [email protected]

The concluding decision whether a scholarship (starting the following semester) will be granted can be expected at the start of February respectively the start of August of every year.

To inquire further about SBW Berlin Scholarship, please visit Official Website