Read this article to know about the best coffee shop franchise and how you can work with any of them to make money. 
This article talk on what you need to know about coffee shop franchises, how they operate, how you can make money with rhem, and some of the best ones out theee that you can consider. 
Meanwhile, routine can be pretty dull and non challenging, routine is sometimes welcome because it is consistent and comfortable. 
As an individual, our routine can vary with regards to our schedule and during specific part of the day. 
Importance of Coffee Shop Franchise 
Should you indulge in this kind of routine, then be rest assured that you are not alone. It is estimated that almost 65% of all adult Americans drink a cup of coffee everyday.  
In addition, there are some aggressive coffee addicts that enjoy an average of more than three cups a day. They are probably the ones you see bouncing off the office walls.
It is obvious that the consumption of coffee isn’t experiencing stagnation. The popularity of coffee continue to increase at a 7% growth rate over the past few years. 
Therefore, if you are willing to invest in a franchise that’s presently enjoying great success and is steadily increasing in consumption, you don’t need to look further as coffee franchise is there for you. 
Best Coffee Franchise to Make Money With 
The list is for some best coffee shop franchises in America. We might be familiar with some of them and others not so much. They include:
1. Aroma Joe’s Coffee: In year 2000, two brothers started the coffee franchise known as Aroma Joe’s Coffee. It is a popular choice of coffee in some geographical areas in United States. Specifically, states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey,  West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Vermont, and Rhode Island are well acquainted with this coffee franchise. 
This coffee franchise is committed to maintaining the delicate ecological balance by minimizing their carbon footprint hence making them among the top four coffee franchises. 
Aroma Joe’s coffee also minimises the use of property and real estate. Their services are mostly provided to customers via drive-through opportunities for commuters and people on the go. 
Therefore, a combination of their commitment to preserving the environment and smaller property presence makes the franchise an ideal environmentally concerned investor. 
To be a franchise owner with Aroma Joe’s Coffee, it will cost you $15,000 start up fee. In addition, the franchise requires that its franchisees have liquidity anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000. 
Also, the franchise charges a royalty fee of 8% and passes on marketing costs to their franchises at a 4.5% assessed fee of gross income. 
2. Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies: This franchise has been in operation as far back as 1982 when Jeff and Jill Summerhays founded it. 
Their coffee is like a good boost of caffeine, energised by providing a significant healthy brewed beverage that doesn’t contain too much sugars or foods that are saturated with fat.
The two entrepreneur’s business model is to produce a coffee franchise that is not rigid and offer fun.
Surely, the Hawaiian environment is in significant play as the franchise promotes and serves the richness of Hawaiian grwon coffee coupled with the casualness of the Hawaiian culture. 
Maui Wowi is one of the most affordable franchises in the market. It only required a liquid capital of $50,000 and the potential investor must have a net worth of at least $100,000. 
The main franchise fee is $30,000. Also available at a franchise fee of $28,900 – $189,050 as an investment in the mobile franchise aspect of the operation. 

3. Dunkin: Dunkin is one popular coffee franchise that became the favourite for the American “on the run”. With a string of number one awards by several entrepreneurial websites, it is a delicious franchise opportunity for the potential investor. 
Dunkin has over 1200 locations with 1000 of those being located in the United States. 
To own a franchise with Dunkin, a fee of $40,000 to $90,000 is required depending on the location. Also, the potential investor must have a net worth of at least $500,000. The franchisee need to have in liquidity a minimum of $250,000. 
4. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: This franchise is headquartered at Los Angeles California. It started operations as far back as 1963. 
Their business model then began offering franchises in the year 2002. According to reports, they now have 1200 franchises operating. 
Their model enables the opening of main stores or featuring their beverages in different retail outlets such as in malls or other locations where there is economic activity going on.
This franchise didn’t only offer tasty coffee and espresso drinks but also provides a wide range of sophisticated teas.
The franchise fee ranging anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Meanwhile, there are other line items in addition to franchise fee and it includes insurance, inventory, training expenses and so on.
The royalty fee is set at 5.5% of gross revenues and there is a monthly marketing of 2% and a half per cent of gross revenues are devoted towards artwork and promotional materials. 
In all, the franchise cost to investing into this coffee franchise ranges anywhere from $183,250 – $615,500.

Possibly, it is time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. 
Meanwhile, it won’t be an easy task to run a coffee business but with dedication and hard work, you will be able to protect the franchise name and adhere to the franchises level of commitment to their customers. 
Therefore, if you are willing to make money and be financially capable, just maybe a coffee franchise is in the brewing for you.
With larger percentage of the American’s population drinking coffee, it appears that there will be an increase in the demand of coffee.