There are numerous things that Canadian Designated Learning Institutions can offer for foreign students who are willing to study within the country. 

To begin with, Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are schools designed for foreign students and all primary and secondary schools within Canada are DLI. Meanwhile, not all post-secondary schools in Canada are DLIs, so it is important to check to know if your choice of university to study is part of the many certified Canadian Designated Learning Institutions.

Succinctly, all DLIs have been certified by Canada’s provincial government to enrol international students.
This implies that people willing to study in Canada can simply show a letter of acceptance as proof from a Designated Learning Institution in Canada to enable them get a Canadian study permit. 

In addition, you must have been accepted by Designated Learning institution before you can purse any kind of university’s degree (bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral’s degree) in Canada as an international student.
For every Designated Learning institution, there is a unique DLI number that can be seen in your study permit application form. Therefore, your DLI number is the number on your study application form that begins with the letter “O”.
How to Check if a School is Certified in Canada as a Designated Learning institution:
The following process will guide you on how to confirm if a school is accredited as a Designated Learning institution in Canada. It includes:
1. Visit Canada official government website:

2. Choose a Canadian province or territory of your choice. 

3. Check through the list of Designated Learning Institutions within that province or territory. 

How to Get a Canadian Study Permit 
There is a two-step process to studying in Canada.
The first step involves applying for a designated learning institution to study in Canada and once you are admitted, you will now apply for a study permit from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) which allows you to carry out your studies in Canada.

After getting your study permit, you can decide to switch between designated learning institutions, programs, field of study, or level of study without having to apply for a new study permit. 
In order to do this, there is a need to contact the IRCC with the intention to change institution whilst ensuring that your new choice of institution is a designated learning institution in Canada.
Also, pertaining to the acceptance of your transfer request, you still need to reach out to IRCC by notifying them of your current change of institution. You can simply do this online through your MCIC account.